Entry requirements

Potential candidates of the program may hold a Bachelor’s degree from a national (Greek) university or an international qualification of an equivalent standard. Suitable candidates may be as well graduates from a relevant fαculty from Technological Educational Institutions or Polytechnic Universities.

International University graduates are required to submit the accreditation of their awarded degree provided by Hellenic Naric. Hellenic Naric is an is an organization supervised by the Hellenic Ministry of Education. It is responsible for the recognition of university or technological degrees that are awarded by foreign Higher Education Institutions.

Students that are about to take their undergraduate degree may also be considered as suitable candidates given that they will have graduated before the start of the program. It is not mandatory to have completed the graduation ceremony.

For the aforementioned type of candidates the evaluation of their application will be done considering the average mark of their submitted transcript. The candidate who will be evaluated through this process will not have the right to apply for revaluation after he submits his final transcript, given that this will happen after the completion of the evaluation process for all candidates.

Necessary requirement for a candidate to participate into the evaluation process is the proven knowledge of English Language certified by an official authority. Specifically, candidates should have obtained one of the following certificates:

  1. Greek government language degree for English at least of level B2 or other equivalent degree such as e.g Lower Cambridge or Michigan etc.
  2. IELTS, with a minimum grade of 5,5 given that it has been acquired up to four years before the publication notice.
  3. TOEFL with a minimum grade of 180, given that it has been acquired up to four years before the publication notice.
  4. Degree from an English-speaking University or a degree in English Literature.

For the candidate selection process of the program, candidates’ individual qualifications, as they result by the supporting documents that have been submitted, along with the suggestions of the committee that is responsible for the candidates selection, are taking into account. Candidates must submit any supporting documents within the given time limits along with their application to the secretary office of the program.

Admitted students

The number of admitted students for the first cycle of the program is set to (30). In the event of a tie between suitable applicants (e.g for the last empty slot), the number of admitted students will be increased so that all the tied candidates get accepted to the program. Scholarship holders in a subject relevant to the postgraduate program are automatically enrolled in the program without considering the total number of admissions.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fees for the program is 2.500€ in total. Tuition fees are paid in three installments: € 1,000 must be paid within 15 days from the date that the student has been admitted to the program and enrolled for the 1st semester, € 1,000.00 within 15 days from the start of the 2nd semester and € 500.00 at the beginning of the 3rd semester.

For part-time studying students, Installments  are paid as follows: € 1,000 will be paid within 15 days of the date that the student has been admitted to the program and enrolled for the 1st semester, € 1,000.00 within 15 days from the beginning of the 3rd semester and 500,00 € at the beginning of the semester 5th semester.

It must be noted that in case a student fails to get enrolled for the semester or wishes to terminate his studies, the installments of the tuition fees that were already paid wont be refunded.

Tuition fees are paid on the account:
Bank: Eurobank
IBAN code: GR7202602740000330201374590
Customer ID: 03264192
Beneficiary: Committee on Education and Research (EDEL TEI of Sterea Ellada)

For any additional information or enquires, please contact through telephone at the following numbers (+30) 22280 99603, (+30)  2228099550 or via email at: desmes@teiste.gr

Admission procedure

Applications are submitted online through an appropriate application that is to be developed and will be hosted on the project website. Temporarily, applications are submitted through email. Information regarding the submission of the application can be found on the Application webpage of project’s website.

The supporting documents accompanying a candidate’s’ application (must be in PDF format) are:

  1. Detailed curriculum vitae.
  2. An official copy of the degree / diploma (which must be recognized by Hellenic Naric, if it comes from foreign Higher Education Institution – HEI).
  3. Transcript certificate
  4. Evidence of professional experience, if any (validated by recognized authority).
  5. Evidence of good knowledge of the English language (as well as of the Greek if they are foreign candidates wishing to attend the Postgraduate Program in Greek).
  6. Scientific publications or conferences, distinctions (if any), etc.
  7. Two Recommendation Letters.
  8. Any additional item that the candidate wishes to submit.

The evaluation of the applications submitted by the candidates within the given time-frame is being conducted by the candidates selection committee.

Candidates are ranked based on a number of evaluation criteria. On the basis of the above evaluation process, an ordered list of candidates, which are considered suitable for the attending the program, is created. The final selection is made according to the order of their rank (the applicants that are tied in the last place will all be also accepted ).

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria with their respective evaluation points (weight), are depicted on the table below:


Evaluation Criterion Number of Points
1 Grade for Undergraduate studies n Electrical Engineering 30
2 Grade for Undergraduate studies on a relevant subject 20
3 Relevance of Diploma Dissertation to the objectives of the Postgraduate program 15
4 Professional experience relevant to the Postgraduate Program 15
5 Scientific & Research Project, relevant to the Postgraduate Program 15
6 Additional skills & Qualifications (seminars, studies, etc) 15
Total 100


The number of evaluation points in the above table describes the maximum points that can be assigned by the admission committee for a given candidate. For the first two evaluation criteria, the score is calculated as the product of the percentage of mark of the degree in relation to the maximum possible mark of that degree and the evaluation points (weight) of each criterion.

The admission committee shall create the list of suitable candidates for the program. The final selection is based on the rank of each candidate in that list, which subsequently is ratified by the G.A.S.C. and is published through the Secretary office of the program on the project website.

The admitted students are informed electronically by the secretary office of the project and are invited to enroll for the program within 15 days, accepting its terms and conditions and paying the first installment of the tuition fee. Non-attendance or non-payment of the first installment of tuition fees by a successful candidate within the above deadline is equivalent to a refusal to accept the program offer, hence the secretary office is authorized to immediately inform the higher-ranked unsuccessful candidate of the evaluation list.

Candidates’ objections to the evaluation process are submitted to the secretary office of the program within five (5) working days of the announcement of the results. The objections are being reviewed by the C.C and their suggestions are forwarded to G.S.S.C. Ultimately, the G.S.S.C decides whether to accept the suggestions of C.C regarding the objection that was made, or not.